Body Right

Regaining Mobility and Function

Rehabilitative approach to improving motion and functional ability. Reversing the influence of injury, muscle weakness or range of motion. Aiding personal independence, falls prevention and general well-being.

Body Glow

Regaining Confidence and Belief

A healthy fit body reinforces inner well-being and encourages greater self belief. Establishing improved physical capability,  endurance and a sense of accomplishment will lay the foundations for further grown and development, and encourage renewed confidence in one’s self.

Body Might

Enhancing Movement and Agility

Active bodies requires movement specific conditioning to ensure the physical ability – power, strength, agility and endurance to perform at the desired standards. Effective conditioning enables sustained performance abilities and reduces the occurrence of injuries. A systematic approach is essential for the progressive nurturing and adaptation of the body.

Body Fit

Enhancing Fitness and Energy

Pushing our bodies and striving to achieve greater goals be it in the sporting or corporate arenas requires a strong performance platform to build upon. Being fit ensures the physical ability to take on the stresses and demands of tasks. Effective energy management ensures sustained ability to complete the tasks and improves productivity.

Regain Your Life

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