Fitness Adventures

We Take You on a Different Experience Each and Every Trip

Explore | Challenge | Energise


Rock Climbing


Canoeing/ Sailing

Road Trips

Regional Competition Coordination

We believe in leading extraordinary lives – Dreaming the Adventure, Experiencing it and Challenging One’s Potential

At E3, we actively creating opportunities for being outdoors and surrounded by nature. So convenient the experience that you will be back for more. Individuals, group or company activity, we have programmes for your every need. Custom designed to meet your goals and abilities. Pushing boundaries? Reaching for your potential? We will ensure that your team and you are read for your fitness adventure.


Refocusing your life – Rebooting | Team Building – Corporate Leadership | I am a bloody adventurer! – For that Unique experience


Want to compete in an oversea race or competition? We provide the necessary support team and services to get you there and ready to succeed. Providing travel, logistical and competition support, ensuring you have the best support to achieve your goals.