Silver Fit

The Challenge

Seniors face many challenges but none as important as ageing well. Ageing well is important as it provides us with the quality of life that we desire. Common challenges faced by seniors include:

– Functional decline

– Depression and loneliness

– Lifestyle diseases

– Falls and injury

The Solution

Ageing well requires the adoption of specific strategies to address the challenges. Leading an active lifestyle lowers your risk of chronic conditions such as such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and selected cancers. Being physically fit also helps decrease your risk of falling and breaking bones as well as reduce anxiety, depression and improves your overall well-being.

Encourage Healthy Living

Participation in sporting activities keeps one physically healthy and mentally fit. Studies have found that being physically active reduces the risk of being overweight or ill. It also improves overall quality of life and lowers the mortality rate. From the national perspective, healthy lifestyles will reduce the need for healthcare, which can be costly to both the individual and the state.

Committee on Ageing Issues Report on the Ageing Population

Building Foundations for Active Ageing

Leading Active Energetic Lives

Increasing Mobility and Falls Prevention


Empowering Change


Building Confidence

Training Partnership

Active Lives

Making Active Living Personal

At your side training

By being at your side we better understand your training needs and the challenges you face. Adapting the programme to suit you better

Building a community around exercise

Ensuring that support from trainers and peers are ever present. Encouraging one another to succeed and to achieve desired goals

Effective training methodologies

Incorporating systematic approaches and monitoring of training regimes.  Ensuring that training targets and goals are met

Fun and Engaging

“Thanks to Kevin for being so patience as he tried his best to explain not only how to do it but also how useful the exercise was.”

Get Active