E3Sports Story

Our story began in 2008 when we realised that Asia’s growing demand for club and sports-related expertise needs to be met. We are a diversified sports management, entertainment and education enterprise with a team of experienced professionals. We cater to athletes and sporting organizations’ training and educational favilities requirements.

With over a decade of experience, E3Sports is privileged to have worked with various brands across industries, have managed x number of events, x internationally acclaimed athletes and x of training programmes


At E3Sports, we have a strong desire for excellence. 

We have a pool of experienced professionals available to lend their expertise in sports management and administration; club and centre management; athlete representation; elite athlete training, monitoring and development; and sports medicine and sports science support services.


We are a firm believer that sports should be fun, entertaining and exciting.

Event conceptualisation and management have been the core of our business. We run and promote sports events, while helping businesses in the sporting lifestyle industry by creating opportunities for growth and development.

More than events, E3Sports offers media consultancy, brand activation, public relations, and volunteer training and management services.


We have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and thirst to pass it on.

E3Sports offers training for those who are interested in sports, wellness, fitness and those seeking to improve their lifestyle through sports activities.

We run sports training workshops, sports development clinics and tailored programmes that include weight management, active aging, adventure sports, cyber arena competitions and injury analysis and prevention.


Kevin Wong

Kevin brings in 12 years of expertise in elite athlete development and management to take clients to new heights. A veteran sports industry official and qualified excercise physiologist, his experience includes extensively working on able-bodied and disability sports in the last 14 years. His time in the sports industry as one of the pioneers of Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sports Council; as the President of Singapore Disability Sports Council; and as Chairman of Singapore National Paralympic Council gave him access to several high-level local and regional sports trainers, athletes, coaches, personalities and journalists.