E3Sports is a diversified management, entertainment and education enterprise. Established since 2008, we are into our 11th year of operations and have grown to meet Asia’s demand for programme management, health and well-being and sports-related expertise. Our pool of experienced professionals can effectively deliver administrative and management solutions to meet the dynamic needs of government programmes, schools and sports clubs. We also believe that events and programmes should be fun and entertaining for both participants and spectators.

At E3Sports, we specialise in training and capability development. With more than 18 years experience in running training and development programmes, the team of professionals at E3Sports offers individuals in the sporting lifestyle industry with the opportunity to grow and develop their capabilities and be part of the larger health and sporting movement in Singapore and Asia.

E3Sports believes in the spirit and strength of the girl effect and strives to give women more opportunities for sports participation and physical activity. In addition to event creation and management, E3Sports offers media consultancy, public relations, team building, volunteer training and management services.


At E3Sports, we have a strong desire for excellence.

We have a pool of experienced professionals available to lend their expertise in sports management and administration; club and centre management; elite athlete training, monitoring and development; and sports science support services.


We are a firm believer that sports should be entertaining, fun and exciting.

Event conceptualisation and management have been the core of our business. We run and promote sports events, while helping businesses in the sporting lifestyle industry create opportunities for growth and development.

More than event creation, E3Sports offers volunteer training and management services that supports the human resource needs for events.


At E3Sports, we believe in educating the future generation of athletes and sports persons. We seek to inspire a better understanding of the human body and the power of the sporting spirit.

We offer workshops for those who are interested in increasing their knowledge and expertise in areas of health and wellness, sports and fitness development.

Our programmes include sports training workshops, sports development clinics and tailored programmes that include weight management, active aging, adventure sports, cyber arena competitions, and injury analysis and prevention.

Part of the Edge Group of companies, E3Sports together with the group provides its clients with world-class engagement and performance solutions. Our vast experience in end-to-end services for the sports and lifestyle industry across different platforms, allows us to deliver measurable results that resonates with clients and users, creating an all-inclusive experience at every touch point.

The Group has expanded its capabilities to include broadcast and live streaming, film and production, sports marketing and industrial design.



Emerge Innovations is an industrial design company specialising in the development of innovative products and inventions which provides solutions for every day lifestyle needs. We bring to life impactful products that pushes the boundaries of innovation and designs, bringing people together and making their lives better.


Film &

Exposure is a creative multimedia company that specialises in providing digital photography, video production, graphic design and visual effects services for the production of impactful campaigns across traditional and digital mediums.


Sports Management & Events

E3Sports is a diversified management, entertainment and education enterprise. Specialising in training and capability development, we offer individuals and companies in the sporting lifestyle industry with the opportunity to grow and develop their capabilities, and be part of the larger health and sporting movement in Singapore and Asia.


Sports Marketing

Equatre is an integrated sports marketing company that provides compelling, consistent and creative communications through public and media relations and digital marketing. We stay atop the most relevant trends and methods to craft strategies that best match the needs of corporations, sports organisations and athletes.


Kevin Wong

Kevin brings in 12 years of expertise in elite athlete development and management to take clients to new heights. A veteran sports industry official and qualified exercise physiologist, his experience includes extensively working on able-bodied and disability sports in the last decade. His time in the sports industry as one of the pioneers of Singapore Sports School and Singapore Sports Council; as the President of Singapore Disability Sports Council; and as Chairman of Singapore National Paralympic Council gave him access to several high-level local and regional sports trainers, athletes, coaches, personalities and journalists.