We Can Help You Achieve The Body You desire


Regaining Mobility and Function

E3Sports offers an intensive rehabilitative approach in improving and functional ability. We can help in reversing the influence of injury, muscle weakness as well as range of motion. Together, we will work towards goals, which include personal independence, fall prevention and general well-being


Regaining Confidence and Belief

E3Sports believes that a fit and healthy body reinforces well-being and confidence. We can help in improving one’s physical capabilities and endurance that will give you a sense of accomplishment, renewed self-confidence and encourage you for further growth and development


Enhancing Movement
And Agility

E3Sports’s customised training programmes target specific body conditioning to ensure physical ability – power, strength, agility and endurance – to perform at the desired standards. Through a systematic approach, you will achieve the ideal body condition that will sustain your performance abilities and will reduce the occurrence of injury.


Enhancing Fitness and Energy

E3Sports provides fitness training that pushes your body to achieve grater goals be it in the sporting or corporate arenas. We can train you to effectively manage your energy and have the physical ability to take on stresses and demands of any kind of tasks and improve productivity.