The Challenge

Ageing well has always been desirable for everyone who reachers 50 years. The challenge is sustaining a well-balanced life, keeping up a good shape and being at the peak of their health. Without these three, seniors are faced with the following situations:

  • Functional Decline
  • Depression and loneliness
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Falls and injury

Our Solution

E3Sports offer strategies that could be adopted by the seniors that will help them age well. Addressing these challenges by leading an active lifestyle lowers risk of chronic conditions such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and selected cancers. Being physically fit will decrease the risk of falling and injuries that could result in bone fractures; as well as reduce anxiety, depression and improves overall well-being.

Healthy Living Movement

It has been proven that participating in various sports activities will keep you physically healthy and mentally fit. According to research, reduced risk of being overweight and ill, improved overall quality of life and lowered mortality rate are just some of the best results of being physically active. From a national perspective, living a healthy life will also reduce the need for healthcare, which can be beneficial for each individual and the state. The Ministry of Social and Family Development together with the Ministerial Committee on Ageing are consistently pushing for initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle and encouraged taking preventive actions so that seniors can continue to lead fulfilling lives.

Personalised Active Living

  • Trainer by Your Side

To better understand your training needs and the challenges you currently face, we will work side by side with you and slowly ease you into adapting the best programme that suits your needs.

  • Effective training methodologies

We are experts at incorporating systematic approaches and monitoring physical training regiments. We will ensure that your personal targets and body goals are being met.

  • Buiding a fitness community

We understand the emotional support and motivation from peers play a big role in succeeding and achieving desired results. As your fitness partner, we will ensure that you get that support from trainers and a community of people working towards the same goals.